So many longtime spots in Honolulu are closing!

Another one bites the dust. WTF is going on in Honolulu with all these establishments closing?? These are not fly by night, untested places.

Local news just had a headline and story that Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is closing at the end of the month.

Last week Gordon Biersch at Aloha Tower closed abruptly.

Hooters followed Gordon Biersch’s lead the same weekend and closed down.

Last month it was announced that Bubba Gump and the Mai Tai Bar are closing.

All this, not to mention, a handful of more mom and pop kinds of small businesses closing.

Sad for Hawaii. I guess that’s what they say is chocked up to progress, and things must change sooner or later. Still, for the older folk, it’s sad to see the old comfort places close down and a part of old Hawaii goes with it. These joints join the brotherhood of long gone places like Kelly’s and all the Spencecliff Restaurant chain, Byron’s, Coco’s, etc..

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