Kicking kids to the curb: Culture thing maybe?

I was surfing the web searching for unimportant topics of stuff and came across this on Quora about parents kicking their children out of the house when they turn 18. I hear a whole shitload of non-islander culture parents say that’s what they will do, that’s what they did, etc., to their kids when the kids grew up. It was one of those matter-of-fact attitudes as in it’s the normal thing to do.

Not in my mind, cultural upbringing, or heart. To me, if all a person is going to do is raise, house, feed, and clothe a child until they are legally able to kick them to the curb to fend for themselves, possibly go homeless, or maybe turn to drugs or prostitution for survival, said parents should never have become parents.
WTF is that mindset all about!!! The “Worst” I would ever do to my children is have them arrested if I found them to have become drug addicts (hard drugs, not weed mind you) who no longer control their own lives as slaves to meth, coke, etc.. But to force them into the street just because they turned 18 years old? Wow. Cruelty in its most unwarranted form.

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