Justin’s Graduation from UOP

The University of Phoenix Hawaii campus held graduation ceremonies today at the Neil S. Blaisdell arena. Justin graduated with a BS in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Systems Security. Lou, myself, Peaches, Rosie and Lina all went to the ceremony. Coincidentally, Christy Mariano-Perez also graduated. Even more coincidentally, I found out while there that my former co-worker and current bowling team member Tony Burch also got his bachelor’s degree and was there.

The crowd wasn’t overwhelming, but it seemed as if whoever planned the management of things was disjointed or didn’t think things thru. Toward the end of the ceremony, if people left the arena to go outside to use the restrooms or whatever, they were not allowed back in… reportedly because they wanted to keep traffic flow in and out down because the graduates would make their way out of the arena and to the exhibition hall. Lou, Peaches and I went out to use the restrooms and got stuck outside separately and were separated in the crowd.

Lou ordered food from Ohana Drive-In or Loco Moco and we had dinner at the house. James Nededog and family didn’t make the ceremony but came over for dinner.

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