Joining the military is a last resort?

Peaches and Justin, now young adults, were talking about discussions Peaches had with some co-workers about her boyfriend possibly enlisting in the Army. Apparently the co-workers” side of the conversation talked down the idea of joining as an employment option, calling it a “last resort”.

Excuse me? Last resort? Last resort for what? They are the ones working as floor sales people at Shirokiya Ala Moana and I know they aren”t rolling in cash and enjoying a bright future career as a salesperson at the mall. Hello!! And while they are scraping by with per hour pay at less than $15, probably not much more than $10 if that, the military offers room, board, clothing, meals, total guidance in basic living, hygiene, discipline, a crash course in responsibilities and growing up to being a responsible adult; provide career training AND a follow-on apprenticeship program to give its people direct, hands-on experience with multi-million dollar systems, networks, and equipment; medical and dental care; tuition assistance to pursue an education plus post-enlistment veteran’s benefits.

Now, what in their meager sales jobs comes even close to that? What in civilian life in general comes close to that? Don’t search for the answer, I’ll tell you. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. As in, NOT A GODDAMNED THING.

And for a real life example, what I make in salkary in my current career I make thanks to the Army and the experience it gave me. That salary is likely more than these Shirokiya electronics department salespeople will EVER realize in their current going nowhere jobs. To make their comments almost laughable, I think one of them is a 40s something still living with his parents leech type of guy saying that. What fu**ing losers.

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