Is Facebook really that scary?

Okay, I have heard both sides for/against Facebook (and social networks in general for that matter) for a while now… ever since MySpace launched and, for those from Guam, even about the now disappeared PeopleFromGuam networks. Those who are both feet in with it seem to be characterized as careless, waiting to be hacked or hit by a virus, dumb about personal security, etc.. Those who avoid it do so for exactly the reasons mentioned.

I think some common sense really needs to be thrown in when one uses a social network. Don’t hang your dirty laundry out there for all to see. Don’t publish every last tidbit of information about yourself for the world’s consumption. On the other end of that spectrum, for those gripped by utter paranoia about joining something like FB, be real and apply the same common sense approach and you’ll be fine. If you don’t like being an eSocialite, fine. Say so. But quit the bullshit reasons that don’t make plausible sense if you have half a brain to apply some rational thought to it. And quit making people who DO get on Facebook out to be halfwits who are about to eSelf-destruct.

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