User Groups

How to access/upgrade to different user groups for added access.

The simple reason for groups is not all things that I store on here is for public consumption. Some are work related which I might need to refer to (phone numbers, email/snail mail addresses, links to work/job related sites, peoples’ names for different topics/subjects, etc.). I use space for notes, thoughts, ideas, etc., with no appropriateness filters beyond segregating who can view them. There may be photos sets or video clips in the gallery that I leave up for family sharing/viewing but not necessarily public viewing. And “other” topics.

It’s like people coming to my house. I might have stuff on the front porch for the passing public to view. Other things are inside the house and I let those whom I want to come inside to see. Yet other stuff may be locked in the den or my back room where I invite only certain people to access. I may feel the need to curse or talk trash in the sanctity of my private living room. Same thing.

Register and Log in. Registration will put you in the the SUBSCRIBER group. Revisit this page to see subpages (that you didn’t see as an unregistered user or were not logged in). You will see the MEMBER group subpage.

MEMBER GROUP. See the MEMBER group subpage.

ADULT GROUP. Only current MEMBER group users will see see the ADULT group subpage. Read that for ADULT group info. Validated 18+ only.

PRIVATE GROUP. Only current ADULT Group users will see the PRIVATE group subpage.

SECRET GROUP. Only current ADULT and PRIVATE Group users will see the SECRET group subpage.

Oh, and adding subscribers to member and the other groups is not automated. I do it manually, so it’s not done right away….