Terms and Conditions

Your registration and subsequent access to this site constitutes your agreement to abiding by the following:

You expressly acknowledge that this is my personal site, and you do not expect any conformance on my part, or the part of anybody else posting content, to any commercial, business, or any other third party service, product, or access standards or expectations.

You agree to honestly complete member registration and all required profile information. This includes (1) a profile avatar picture that depicts YOU, and (2) preferably (but not necessary) your real name, or an extraction of your real name, as your username.

You understand that completing registration is but a first step in the door, and that upgrading to MEMBER group access is necessary for general and indefinite site access. Whereas, simple registered member access is limited and treated as temporary1.

You agree that any sharing of content, such as music and/or video, that is not my original content, will be held non-contestable as to copyright questions. You’re in MY house and what I share is for harmless entertainment. Consider the site a property rights DMZ. You breach this agreement, and the only action I will take is delete / ban / blacklist you for violating this agreement.

You understand that there may be mature/adult themed content which may be shared under certain ‘higher access privileges’2 which I grant on a case by case request basis. Your request for such access constitutes your consent to accessing this content.

Any request you make for certain ‘higher access privileges’ may require additional private, personal information on your part in the interest of ‘leveling the playing field’ so to speak.

You will *NOT* post any disparaging, flaming, or contentious content beyond friendly disagreement with others.

You will not gain access for the purpose of posting, soliciting, or spreading unsolicited advertising, better known as SPAM.

You will not gain access for the purpose of exploiting ANY content posted or shared on the site.

For music/media library access, you agree to the following:

I share my music (and other multimedia) collection here for those visitors who may find entertainment, cultural education and discovery, and whatever other takeaways they may have. I do not do it to distribute or pass out anything.

Having said that, there is no intent to step on anybody’s toes concerning ownership and copyright. As such, I won’t entertain complaints about rights or whose music it is or whatever agenda someone may have to squelch what’s on these pages. Gosh knows there’s enough free sharing on YouTube – go complain there if that’s your thing.

If you’re accessing my site, you agree to the above intent, and are here for no other reason than for personal entertainment. Look at it this way, and this way only, if you intend to access my site. Putting up music to be played on a web site open to the general public is like broadcasting over the air. Music available for enjoyment by registering on and logging in to my site is the same as knocking on my home door, me letting you in, and me letting you listen to tunes on my home entertainment system. There’s a difference. With the latter, I’m playing it in my private home and not sharing or distributing. If you don’t and can’t see it this way, then see your way out of my site.

Do not register if you do not agree to ALL of these conditions.


Any and all user related information gathered by/on the site is for establishing a basic idea of who you are as a visitor requesting access into my private domain. Again, my analogy is as if you are knocking on my front door asking to enter my home. I definitely would not let you past the porch if I don’t know who you are, establish your intent in wanting to come in (if we’re friends/acquaintances and I establish that by recognition of course I’d welcome you in), and if needed, require identification to ensure you are who you say you are. Common sense. If you don’t agree with this line of thinking… well, don’t register. That said:

Information you provide of and about yourself will be kept within the privacy of your member/user profile and, in certain other instances, offline and web unreachable reference.

At no time will any user information be given to, sold to, or shared with any business or any other third party for ANY purpose. I am not affiliated with any outside entity with respect to my web site.

Providing certain information I solicit from you to establish your member registration is considered a requirement. There is no argument to be made. Don’t provide what is requested, and you don’t complete registration. Period.

Personal information will be protected within the capabilities and features of the software of the site (WordPress), its add-ons, plugins, and other enhancements. I claim no other security measures installed. In the event of higher access privileges and commensurate additional personal information, additional security to protect information may be accomplished using .htaccess/.htpasswd directory level login requirements. Google it if you don’t know/understand what that is.

Credit card/financial information. At no time will I ever have the need, or requirement, for anyone to provide this. If for some stupid reason I lose my mind and ask for something like this, quickly press CTRL-ALT-SLAP ME. There is absolutely no financial/money/payment involved with my site except my payment to my web hosting service for running my hobby. That cost is not passed on to anyone for any reason. I may ask for donations to help defray my monthly costs for running the site, but so far I have not done so in 15+ years and have no intention of ever doing so.

This privacy notice does not and will not cover every point/aspect that business/commercial/public sites address. We all know that nobody reads it anyway. Just make sure you understand what I have covered, as my priorities.

1 Many visitors happen upon the site and register to look around. Many of said registered subscribers then don’t return. That makes for unneeded user database clutter. I do cleanup every so often and delete subscribers who haven’t logged in for… 3 months, 6 months, I dunno, whatever I feel the length of time since last activity should be at the time of cleanup. Also if said inactive subscriber has not been interested enough to at least upgrade to MEMBER group or contributed/shared anything, I usually don’t give that long before deletion.

2 All group access higher than subscriber (register on the site and nothing else) requires additional information from users. See the User groups page.