Music Collection Access

I put up my music collection, in .mp3 format mostly, of Chamorro CDs and albums. Also what I have of Hawaii music too since I’m into the old stuff. Note that I don’t keep up with the latest releases, but what I have is what I have.
The library isn’t accessible to the public. Too many people whine and cry about this and that. The music page is accessible to users who register and upgrade to MEMBER group level (you must be registered on the site to view). That way I have an idea of who you are and you ascertain certain standards of behavior and intentions.

Chamorro Collection | Hawaii Collection | My and Lou’s “Dating Songs” Collection

Si Yu’us Ma’ase to friends who helped the cause!


Two things have been evident ever since I put up my personal music collection, ripped from CDs and converted to digital .mp3 from audio cassette/vinyl, for others to listen to:

1. People ask if they can download music that they want and don’t have. My up front answer is no.

2. I myself have looked online for places to buy Chamorro music, both recently released as well as older albums/CDs. I’ve asked Jimmy Dee Productions, stores like aloha2go, A & L Crafts, Coconut Villa, etc.. They all say there is no consistent release or production of a lot of the music.

So, given that reality, I’d be willing to “exchange” sharing. Do you have CDs of artists or album titles that I don’t have? Do I have something that you don’t have? Would you be interested in “trading”? Message me if you do.