I think this is one of our original Kunians Jim Sipp?

I look for old friends, acquaintances, and Army buddies/associates from time to time. Particularly of the original USACC/USAISC Det Comm crew since we were sort of all closely associated as we came to Hawaii as a team. One of them was Jimm Sipp, SP5. After he left Hawaii I never heard from him again, and neither has anybody else from the original unit that I keep in touch with. So I google his name now and then to see if he might pop up on social media or whatever. Today I found this.

The age/DOB sounds about right, and the US army on the gravestone would be correct. James Robert Sipp.

Jim was single, didn’t drive, and had lots of videos/movies (don’t recall what the video format was before VHS). RESTRICTED CONTENT

Rest in peace Jim.

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