I say men CAN hit women if deserved/justified

I saw this on social media, the scene likely being one of those civil unrest/protest locations (this one being Atlanta, GA).

MY first thought is the white cop, getting hit twice, refuses to respond because no matter what the context of the altercation, it will turn into the same old powderkeg cry of white on black police brutality. The black cop took care of the violent woman accordingly with little care as to how it would be perceived. Good work in keeping the racism mindset in check.

Second is of a women being hit. Many, particularly women, subscribe to the rule that a man never hits a woman no matter what. I’ve always subscribed to the “oh bullshit” response to people pushing that thought. It is seen time and time again that women who believe that have no hesitation in themselves hitting their husbands, boyfriends, or other man. And the man, in subscribing to that same rule to be ‘a man’, takes it. Those men are suckers. You hit me, I’ll hit you back. I don’t particularly give a shit if you’re a woman. I feel pain that someone inflicts on me and I instinctively and unapologetically retaliate, oftentimes without a second thought.

Bitch got what she deserved. Period.

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