How ambidextrous are you?

Has the typical person truly tested him/herself as to how well either hand can do the same tasks in day-to-day activities? And I mean finding out one’s ambidextrous abilities well beyond whether they can bat from either side of the plate, shoot left and right handed, and hold the fork during a meal.

Those are “trained” activities. I’m talking about can you soap and scrub in the shower using your weak hand? Put on clothes? Something as simple as buttoning a shirt? Something as mundane as zipping one’s fly or wiping one’s ass at the toilet?? Most people have no accurate clue until a situation comes up that forces one to rely on the weak hand/arm.

I sure am finding out. Sometimes it’s a funny discovery when you realize what day-to-day tasks I can’t accomplish on my own all of a sudden. Other times it’s aggravating not being able to do something simple without help. try it sometime. Take turns doing an everyday activity with only one hand. Switch hands. It’s freaking tough!!!

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