Host it not link to it

I despise this sh**. I’ve lamented about it before. I’ll bet many who enjoy sharing content on their profile timeline, page, group, etc., get this broken link notice quite a bit. Like I copy and paste the “share” link on YT and put it on my timeline. Then later on the original owner/poster of the content on YT removes it.

It breaks my post… it’s normal but it sucks. So, when I’m in the mood or feel the content is worthy of the effort, I capture it (video, audio, whatever) from the original source, and put it on my blog. Then link to it from my blog. So I know if the target content will disappear or not because I manipulate it, not someone else. So I fall back to it… both on the blog and FB posts which many will be blog posts reposted.

I know many are terrified of leaving social media on links to external sites for fear of the unknown, having been bred carefully within the safety net of social media and not the scary web LOL. Oh well, you in this category will never know what true freedoms are…

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