Homeless people being sent here from the Mainland?

They (Michael W. Perry and crew) were talking about a NY Post article reporting that New York (their mayor?) have this quiet program of sending homeless people on one-way tickets to other states, Hawaii being one. This, as repeated in HNN‘s article. They’ve mentioned cities doing this in the past. I think back in the 80s there was talk that Chicago did (or still does?) the same thing, sending homeless to Hawaii. They (homeless) are better off here than in the winter streets of those cities.

But, at whose expense now, to keep them surviving? Whose welfare system? Whose social services support? Oh yeah people say have a heart blah blah blah, easy to say when you’re dumping your problems on someone else to take care of. Me, I think homeless people should be screened and if they don’t prove a historical link to the island, being a resident here prior to homelessness, etc., and they have relatives elsewhere, shit send them one-way to that elsewhere destination. I do not pay (skyrocket high) taxes to feed and take care of someone not from here!

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