Her Name is Crystal

I happened upon this on the web some time ago and held onto it for its message. Because it’s yet another powerful message that those who know first-hand the road of which this is can begin to understand and feel the message to the core. If not this very road, roads very similar, same look and feel, and same ultimate destination. Maybe smack instead of crystal.

photoShe took my husband’s soul. He went from being a great dad and husband to a liar and user of people. Great paying job to digging in dumpsters for cans. Seeing his kids every day to 2 times a month. I miss the husband before the meth took him. Those chemicals he fried his brain with turned him into a man I didn’t know. A man I once loved with all my heart to a stranger. His behaviors changed. His way of thinking changed. His priorities changed. He went from living with our family in our own house to living in his parents garage and using survival skills to get by. He has no drive to get a job. Does not want anyone to tell him what to do. And blames his problems on everyone else. Crystal meth took my husband to another world. A sad world. A world he needs to get himself out of or suffer until his body shuts down. I miss him every day. The man I’ve seen looks like my husband but isn’t him. My husband is now a ghost. I see him from time to time and I just get heartbroken. Wherever he is I still wish him well.

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