Hawaii beginnings ~ Hawaii – Lady of My Heart

I finally found it on YouTube! I’ve been searching for a digital copy (the cassette I had is long gone) of this song that forever reminds me of my initial assignment to Hawaii.. something I had held as a long shot assignment out of all the ‘needs of the Army’ orders I could have gotten. I can still recall where I bought the cassette of this group… Records Hawaii at 404 Piikoi st… trivial info.

The flashbacks of how I felt landing on the ground in Honolulu 33 years ago today, walking the ‘surreal’ streets of Waikiki, a place talked about by my Dad when I was growing up but never thinking I’d get to live here. And it’s been pretty much home ever since, minus a few departures and returns.

No, make no mistake, I want to go back to Guam in my heart. But… Hawaii has been home for more years than I spent alive on Guam.

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