Happy 33rd LuluBelle!

33 years today we’ve been married. That’s over half our lives together. We have celebrated our first driver’s licenses together, junior and senior proms, high school graduations, and becoming adults… together.

This song marked was one of a handful that marked our senior year in high school together, one of “our Music collection”… There’s really very, very little recollections of our lives, from teenage years on, that we can’t remember ‘together’.

She as been my life partner, my best friend, at times my partner in crime (figuratively of course), my source of encouragement, my inspiration to succeed (God knows I needed that in the beginning), and my reason for pride in my life. We’ve journeyed thru life together, hand-in-hand, thru the best of times, thru some of our worst, and we continue to come out smiling and laughing, hand-in-hand, and the smarter for it. It is so cliche to say ‘I couldn’t do it without you’ because we all know I can. I simply wouldn’t be able to do it the same, and more importantly, I wouldn’t WANT to do it without you Lulubelle…

Thank you for the last 33 years sweetheart, and we have many more to come!

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