Guam local grinds ‘back in the day’

Okay, I was bored and was mindlessly surfing the web for ‘whatevahs’ as they say here in Hawaii… surfing about Guam, thinking about my pending trip back in a few weeks to sever my tether to the island (prepping the house I grew up in for the market). I don’t recall what search words I was using but came across this page that had a flashback glimpse of eateries on Guam circa ’73. Wow… few to none of the national chain restaurants, and many homegrown ones…

How many are still around? I know Kinney’s moved to where Red Carpet used to be (Cliff Hotel) from what I hear, at least temporarily after the last major supertyphoon devastated its Pagat, Mangilao digs. Funny how the writer of this article didn’t mention House of Chin Fee… one of my faves which I hit at least once everytime I go back (which is hardly these days) and will do so again come end of the month!!! How about Panciteria Far East, which was across from Cinema theater in Tamuning? Ahhh LLBB (Little League Baseball) days that was. Take 5 restaurant in Agana run by difunta Connie Wegner’s (aka Charlie Kid in the CB days) family. I think Linda’s Cafe is still in East Agana, isn’t it??

Hmmm… at this stage of reminiscing, I wonder how many of the long gone mom-n-pop stores we grew up knowing and liking people can recount…

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