Good Enough for Government Work ~ NOT!

Sometimes the way government works, or fails to in some cases, is so sorry that it’s laughable.

Back in active duty days, before the government charge card, my rule of thumb used to be to never screw with anything having to do with finance. If going TDY or PCSing and needing money upfront for travel or per diem costs, don’t take advance pay and hope to settle when I return or complete moving. Pay out of pocket and then file for travel, and reimbursement will replenish. Because if I take advance or casual pay, DFAS will inevitably much it up and my pay would be screwed up for months trying to fix it. And it has happened. To me. Any better in the federal government civilian employee side? Hell no!


Talk about fucking up a wet dream kinda shit! Never again mess with anything finance related. Sorry Peaches!!!

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