Givin’ my X what she needs (50k)

I would guess that not everyone is as gracious and generous, or genuinely concerned, about their X. In fact, I’ll bet very few still give their X what she needs from time to time. I do.

[member]Dropped the X off today for 50k mile servicing. It’s 5 years old this May and so far so good, no major issues or problems, so unlike the GMC. With the Sierra it was barely 3 years old and front brake master cylinders started leaking, front end alignment started becoming a recurring problem, etc.. So far the biggest problem with the X-Runner has been the tire pressure sensors but that is partly my doing when I bought new wheels and after-market sensors when it was brand new. But… that’s the difference between (1) a quality made Toyota vs a GM product, and (2) having the vehicle serviced every 5k by the book and not cutting maintenance corners as opposed to waiting until something bad happens, as was the case with the GMC.

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