Getting a breather from the Stay at Home Mindset

Lou and I decided to get out of the house this weekend, in efforts to resume getting out more on the weekends as we used to do before COVID restrictions.

We got up early and went to the Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market which they have every weekend on Diamond Head Road. We walked thru, checking out all the concessions, buying a few things (local honey to send to Lina). We spent about an hour there and then went to Pearlridge Center. We browsed Sears since it’s having closeout/liquidation sales. Then we ate lunch at the Food Court (picked up from Panda Express).


I guess we need to get out and walk more often too. That light incline at the KCC Farmers Market parking lot kind of winded us!! And it wasn’t more than 50 yards…. dang.

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