Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan – Katrina

One of my all time top favorite Chamorro songs is one titled “Katrina”, by Frank Bokonggo Pangelinan. I actually didn’t hear it for the first time until I was stationed in Korea, spending a year away from the wife and kids. It became my heartwarming, curl up and get mahalang song.

This is Bokonggo’s original release version – the one I fell in love with while in Korea and missing my baby….

And then this is the version from his Guaiya Yon Na Kantan album. Love ’em both!

Frank “Bokonggo” Pangelinan

Nai pago li’e hao (When I see you)
Ai palao’an un nafaniente yu’ (Oh girl I feel something)
I kurason-hu mampos lalalao (My heart beats)
Put guinaiya-ku nu hagu (For my love for you)

Sigi yu guatu gi fion-mu para bai kuentusi hao (I go near you to talk to you)
I kurason-hu kulan mamahlao (My heart is shy)
Lao hu atoga fumaisen hao (But I asked anyways)

Un atan yu’ ya ilek-mu si Katrina i na’an-mu (You look at me and you said my name’s Katrina)
Ai ti un bira i mata-mu (You didn’t turn your face)
I kurason-hu senmagof guaha sinat gi mata-mu (My heart is very happy because there’s a sign on your face)
Namanguaiya hao bu guahu (That you love me)

Oppe yu’ pago (Answer me now)
Kao un aksepta yu’ para nobiu-mu? (Do you accept me to be your boyfriend?)
Sa guahu mampos hu put fiat hao (Because I’m already loyal to you)
Na un gaige gi fion-hu (And you are near me)


Un gotte i kannai-hu (You take my hand)
Ya un pega gi fasu-mu (And you place it on your cheek)
Ya ilek-mu nai na hagu para guahu todo i tiempo (And you said that you are for me forever)


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