For the fallen Officers of HPD

Aloha Tower illuminated blue to honor HPD officers Enriquez and Kalama.
Flags to fly at half staff as ordered by Gov Ige.
Candlelight vigil.

Three days and it still feels like a dark cloud is over the islands in horror of this tragedy. I mean I know this happens much more frequently in many mainland cities. So to NYers or Chicagoans or others, I would think this would be a “what else is new” to them. But this just does not happen in our city. Or at least it didn’t. Maybe Honolulu as we know it is now forever gone.

Or maybe I’m just older now and these things don’t just pass me by while I go do whatever it is in life for excitement. Now, this is part of, as that saying goes, slowing down to stop and smell the roses. Along with the roses of life are the thorns and dirt in life that I now take stock of.

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