Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???

I posted somewhere else, thought to share here.

What does anyone think about the thing (recent follow up story here) with Ray Tenorio, former Lt Governor, and his legal issue after trying to grab a police officer’s gun? He says he was in law enforcement and saw an officer with an alleged improperly holstered firearm, so tried to grab/unholster it to teach the officer a lesson. Note that Tenorio was said to have been drinking or something. But regardless, does his reason sound rational at all? If he has law enforcement experience, what does he think he’s doing reaching for a police officer’s firearm?

One thought on “Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???

  1. To me it’s just another OOG situation. Not that it happened, stupid people abound. But the idea that his rationale for doing it is even being entertained. OOG.

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