Finally, Dell on the phone. Resolution? NO!

I took leave today. I called Dell. They had me download an ISO of the original OS setup and said I’ll need to reinstall the factory install. I think I want to go with that to stay ‘legit’. I’ll have to get back with them tomorrow tho, because now…

I have to copy all my data back onto the external drive since the factory re-install will wipe my harddrive clean. I had to run out to Walmart to buy a flash drive that’s needed for the re-install. While there I bought a 3Tb MyCloud drive to connect to the router and use as a network storage drive.

This afternoon Digital Solutions calls. Tei wanted to remote in and see if he could force activate the OEM product key he has. So I let him remote in, and it worked! But… do I want to stay with his solution? The downside to it not being ‘official’, as he phrased it, is that it may not stay activated. I think I’d rather go with Dell re-installing the factory installation image so it’s 100% legit.

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