Files of Note and easy reference/retrieval. This page epitomizes what I miss about PHP-Fusion and having to fall back to using a blog format. Now I gotta HTML link to files… what a pain in the ass to maintain this way! Some purchased/registered, some free, some free trial. Some I hold onto and use even though they’re way way outdated because they still work for everything I need to use them for and I don’t feel like learning the intricacies of latest versions. So some are reachable in the list, some are not depending on group level access…


  • 7-Zip. File compressor/zipfiles.
  • FileChucker. An AJAX-based web application for a file upload utility on web sites.
  • MP3 Tag Pro v3. For editing and managing the music .mp3 file tags.
  • PhAlbum. Instant Drag and Drop photo Albums on a web server. This is a complete standalone and needs no web site platform in front of it.
  • v1.1. This is a CGI script written in Perl that I picked up eons ago to randomize .gif/.jpg images to change everytime the page they are displayed on is loaded. There are probably many updated apps and scripts written in maybe more efficient languages (like PhP), but this always did the job for me.

    * 10/14/20 I hack updated the script to support displaying .png images. Don’t know why I never did this before…

  • Thumbnailer v10. I purchased a copy because I love this! Create thumbnails of photos in bulk. I use this mainly to resize photos from huge resolution to 1024×768 or something else. Too bad the company Smaller Animals disappeared and no more updates or development.
  • upload-point162beta. File upload utility, password login capable.
    WordPress Plugins Registered/purchased

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