Files of Note and easy reference/retrieval. This page epitomizes what I miss about PHP-Fusion and having to fall back to using a blog format. Now I gotta HTML link to files… what a pain in the ass to maintain this way! Some purchased/registered, some free, some free trial. Some I hold onto and use even though they’re way way outdated because they still work for everything I need to use them for and I don’t feel like learning the intricacies of latest versions. So some are reachable in the list, some are not depending on group level access…


  • 7-Zip. File compressor/zipfiles.
  • FileChucker. An AJAX-based web application for a file upload utility on web sites.
  • MP3 Tag Pro v3. For editing and managing the music .mp3 file tags.
  • PhAlbum. Instant Drag and Drop photo Albums on a web server. This is a complete standalone and needs no web site platform in front of it.
  • Thumbnailer v10. I purchased a copy because I love this! Create thumbnails of photos in bulk. I use this mainly to resize photos from huge resolution to 1024×768 or something else. Too bad the company Smaller Animals disappeared and no more updates or development.
  • upload-point162beta. File upload utility, password login capable.
    WordPress Plugins Registered/purchased


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