Enabled Blogroll Links Manager

UPDATE: Nope, I deleted it. Blogroll links are not cutting it for what I want to do with links. Using regular posts and URL link to do it for my internal link referencing.


I enabled the links manager following instructions from a site called Template Toaster. I added the line:

add_filter( 'pre_option_link_manager_enabled', '__return_true' );

in the functions.php file of the (orvis-child) theme.

Sadly, the built-in links manager doesn’t do what I want it to do in handling links and restrictions to them the way I had it on PHP-Fusion. So I’m not going to use it.

I’m trying my hardest to stay away from adding millions of plugins and end up bloating the site.

So I’m going to build and manage links as posts within ‘links’ categories.

I removed the functions.php reference (from above) line to totally remove/disable blogroll since I’m not going to use it.

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