Elora Danan is here!

Rachelle had called earlier in the afternoon yesterday to tell Lou that she started contractions since morning but they were still far apart and not too bad. Then Justin texted Lou early in the evening saying he was leaving work and he and Rachelle were heading to Kapiolani W&C Hospital. Her contractions were getting closer. I guess about 9-10pm he called saying they were giving Rachelle an epidural, and Lou left at about 11pm to go to the hospital. She stayed overnight until baby is born.

Lou came home at about 5:30am this morning as I was up and getting ready for work. Baby hadn’t been born yet and Rachelle was slow in dilating. She went back to the hospital and I went to work. I got home from work this afternoon and Rachelle still hadn’t given birth. Baby finally arrived around 8pm or so!! Wow that was a long time in labor, I was really feeling bad for Rachelle. Lou got home around 11pm.

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