Duane Torres, RIP

Duane was one of the island boys that got together and hung around when off duty during Korea days. I was with the MI Field Station (USAISC Det), he was with 3rd MI, 501st MI BDE. Of all the Guam, Hawaii, and Samoa guys and gals that flocked together, he was the more quiet, down to earth, and focused one. And one of the younger of the guys. When I came back to Hawaii TDY for a conference, I brought some souvenirs from Duane to his parents in Ewa Beach and we talked about Duane, his high school days. When his parents sent him care packages of Hawaii goodies, Hawaii music, he’d share with us all… helped keep the spirits up since we were all away from our families, and keep home close to the heart.

I lost touch with him after I left Korea, until social media reconnected us in the mid/late 2000s.

Rest in peace braddah Duane.

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