DSN Gang Get together 2013

We had a gathering of the old DISA-PAC DSN DRSN General Dynamics GDIT GDNS GD-WTS DNMSS-G work gang again from the NOC days at Ige’s last night. Seems we’ve been averaging once a year in doing this, for one reason or another, since the team broke up some 4 years ago! It was originally our bowling team’s dinner, plus Mike Enos is in town, and as invitations went out to those who knew Mike, it ended up most of the old controllers coming out. It was great, and everybody seemed to truly enjoy seeing the old gang again. Who showed up… me, Lou and Linx; Lloyd Shoemaker and wife; Amy Nakano; Mike Johnson; Tony Burch; Donna Low; Pearl Peiler; KK Madsen and her fiance Jim Russell; Mano Almeida; Richard Fukuhara; Fred Neely; Rob Gress.

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