DRSN Switch Course 2005

Oct 2005 at JITC, Ft. Huachuca, AZ. We finished the course yesterday, everyone passed. I really enjoyed the course, and learned a lot from it… although… I won’t actually be getting my hands on the switches. But it’ll be good understanding switch (and a little inkling about database) operation.

Since it was a swing shift class, the higher ups at the JITC wanted the class to graduate in the morning but have the last class that evening. I guess they had the idea that we weren’t actually completing the required course hours as advertised if we didn’t have class that last day. But the two instructors let us go by lunchtime and in fact went with us for a class finale lunch at a local restaurant called Carino’s.

I wouldn’t mind coming back to Sierra Vista again for more TDY trips…

Naomi Sheridan
Lita Liu
Katie Hughes
Robert Hopkins
Kyle Kloekner
Steve Zyba
Alan McDougal
Jacek (Jack) Matlosz

Mike Alvear
Jan Dziadul

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