Don’t act like COVID’s going away

COVID symbol   The latest in the news has been about COVID numbers climbing again. Hospitalizations are increasing. But deaths have been low. That, presumably (by me) because many are now vaccinated and boosted, so symptoms are much milder than pre-vaccination days.

That doesn’t mean it’s not still out there and dangerous. It seems as if many people, especially the ones who have always whined about having to wear masks and claim the virus isn’t a threat etc., are going about life as if the danger is gone. Really?

Quiet discussion today at work (Teams chat ) was about the COVID situation close to us. We have work associates, some of co-worker family members, etc., having tested positive last and this week!! So the virus is alive and well. Yet, all the stringent notifications and reporting have gone by the wayside as if it’s being treated as something that has passed. Some are alarmed about it because we’re not being told of the positive cases to evaluate if we’ve been exposed. No one is paranoid about it so all sense of protocol has been abandoned… I guess this is the new norm.

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