Does the vaccine/booster work?

COVID symbol There’s always been naysayers regarding the COVID vaccine and booster shots, lumped in with the conspiracy theorists. On the other end of the spectrum, there have been the blind followers. Both sides, I guess, have room and reason to their opinions. Make up your mind and live with the consequences. I do me, my family does us. You do you.

What I do know, or at least believe, is that the COVID vaccines and boosters work. Not to immunize against catching/being infected with it, but to protect against it as much as possible. I know people who have been fully boosted (both vaccines, both boosters), have caught COVID, and have had effects similar to slight flu/cold but otherwise are okay. I also know several who were not vaccinated at all (some before they became available, some after and declined CDC guidance). They are no longer with us and their demise was quite quick and, I must say, ugly.


Again, it’s a personal choice. No need to argue and polarize the community and get stupid (many have and do). Just deal with the choice you make.

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