Do WordPress sites get trash registrations by nature??

I haven’t stood up and run a WP blog site in quite a while, so I don’t know what the trend is among WordPress sites with respect to usership and the attraction of hackers and other potential troublemakers. But I’ve had this install up and running for a while now as I move content to it from the PHP-Fusion site. All the while, the Fusion site is the front end face of my domain name with this site being kinda hidden and visitors don’t hit the WP site by default.

Earlier in the week I finally switched the WP blog to be the default front page that the domain points to. All of a sudden I’m getting registrations from unknowns. Other registrations where I can’t make out where they’re from and what their intentions are… something I do want to know up front! I’m going to find some registration plugin to solicit registered user intent and origins before approving, or something like that.

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