Dinosaurs in the career field

A couple of current and former co-workers and I were shooting the breeze about work related stuff, crypto issues in particular, and we former tech controllers from the telecommunications side started comparing how crypto, key updates, etc., have changed over the years (decades!!!) since we were brand new military tech controller pups.

It seems while the technology has evolved to where loading, updating, and operating the equipment has gone from electro-mechanical to electronic transfer and the time required to do the updates is now almost instantaneous, people these days seem to always screw it up!! Anyway…

Then we went into talking about what old time crypto we used to deal with.. 26’s, 13’s, 34’s, and we realized that damn we’re age old fogies! I had a curiosity… is there info on those old prehistoric devices out on the web (declassified) these days? Then I started thinking about tech control equipment in general from back in the day.

Another old days reference is the ACP-131 Q and Z Signals. Nobody uses that anymore.

Not for any other reason but to ‘preserve my memory’ of some of the common gear we used to deal with, all or most of which are now just lingering in the annals of historic value, I went looking on the web. As I pointed out, this stuff is on the web. so no, I ain’t revealing secrets okay! Anyway, I dug up some photos of some flashback type equipment. I don’t feel like writing about work in the old days, so the photos are the museum significance here….

And then there was the ASI of the MOS a few of us has, a rarity for tech controllers… SATCOM control and the “state of the art” at the time DSCSIII.

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