Delta Variant not Delta Force

I guess pondering COVID milestones took a back seat after returning to the workplace in May, as if it’s gone. Ha! Far from gone dis buggah, in fact seems new and improved with the “delta variant’… like an update or new release. While a percentage of the population has been vaccinated and their risk and effects of infection are lower and less severe, the majority of the cases are with those who are NOT vaccinated.

From KP…

Here are 7 things you need to know about the Delta variant and staying protected.
• Unvaccinated people are at higher risk of getting COVID-19 now than they were before Delta appeared.
• More young people are getting sick with Delta compared with earlier variants.1
• Delta variant symptoms are the same as other versions of COVID-19. However, Delta may be causing people to get sicker faster, including younger people.
• The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others against Delta. Even in the rare case that you do get infected, the vaccine will likely prevent you from becoming seriously ill.
• A small number of fully vaccinated people have become infected with the Delta variant. Their symptoms tend to be mild, but it’s still possible to spread the virus to others.2
• Fully vaccinated people don’t need a vaccine booster at this time — as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).3
Everyone should continue wearing masks in crowded settings and public indoor spaces — including fully vaccinated people, especially in areas of high transmission.2 Masks are still required in all Kaiser Permanente facilities, and federal, state, and local regulations still apply, including business and workplace guidance. Washing your hands, staying physically distanced, and avoiding large gatherings will also help lower your risk of catching or spreading the Delta variant.

So goes the writings for history. I wonder what all would have been documented if there was social media and all the technology we have today back when the Bubonic Plague hit…

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