Debating being a tattle tale on Genki Sushi Ewa Beach…

I saw this news tidbit posted on Facebook this morning. It just reminded me that when Lou and I went to Genki Sushi in Ewa Beach last Saturday, the person seating us smashed and wiped away a baby cockroach on the side of the booth seat backing as we began to sit down. Ehh who doesn’t have cockroaches in Hawaii in their house (if they think they don’t — ignorance is bliss).

At the time it did cross my mind about whether they should be fumigated for consumer protection against disease. Ah, humbug to make a big deal out of it and have to find out how to let someone know. Then I see this new post… complete with who to call.

“That is one of the major causes of foodborne illness outbreaks, is usually traced back to, a lot of times, employees that are ill, and they reported to work, and then now you’ve infected every single customer out there.”

You can check out recent restaurant inspections here:

And if you see a possible health violation in a food service establishment, here are island-by-island numbers to call.

Oahu – Sanitation Branch: 586-8000
Hilo – District Health Office: 933-0917
Kona – Sanitation Branch: 322-1507
Maui – District Health Office 984-8230
Kauai – District Health Office: 241-3323

K’den, maybe I will call….

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