Deacon Joe Santos passed away

I got word today that Deacon Joe Santos, deacon at Immaculate Heart of Mary church in Toto, passed away today after falling sick while in CA visiting family. The Santos’ were my next door neighbors since I was born and I grew up with the family. Deacon Joe was also my (confirmation) nino. I think the last time I saw him was in 1999 when we were living on Guam. More of the memories of him are of when I was growing up… going with them to pasture the cow (and learning the hard way that you can’t just grab the rope when the cow’s running); hearing him always yelling and cheering from the stands when Stephen and I played Little League baseball; spending the day or longer with him when Mom and Dad felt I was getting beyond control and needed additional guidance; having a semi-good time but being white knuckled as he awaited re-election results for MTM Commissioner; the CB radio craze days when he would be getting drunk and would try to teach me CB etiquette since I was one of those untamed channel 07 rebels.

Good rest Nino, God be with you.

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