Darker youthful memories again

I don’t know why but every so often when I think back and review many of the teenage memories now getting vague, some of the not so positive flashbacks come embedded with the happy ones. Some I have to mentally wipe off the cobwebs to remember. The good and the bad, the positive and the negative, they all weave together to create more complete history.

This one I’d almost forgotten about until it came out in casual conversation I was having with a much older friend who happened to be close friends with one of the Superior Court judges back in the day. The infamous triple murder in Asan, Guam back in ’74. I wasn’t running with that crazy hazy crowd yet back then, and at my young age at the time it was something beyond me. As I got older and other crazy criminal acts were registering more in my everyday consciousness… this period being the post-Vietnam smack infested era… certain circles would talk about this tragedy. Some would claim inside scoop, others experience insight as to motivations, etc..

Two people were arrested for these murders, which was said to be fueled by heroin related situations. They were Frank “Country” Reyes and Steven Clay. Who Clay was, what he stood for, where he came from was never clear to me and I don’t recall anybody I ran around with knowing much about him either. Country, on the other hand, was of deeply rooted local family. People knew him. People were related to him. He was, as I recall, active in youth sports coaching or something like that. So ordinarily, finding him to be involved in such a heinous crime was puzzling at first glance. Adding smack into any equation totally changes things though, which I know from a very close perspective. Anyway, Country was convicted of the murders. Clay? He was acquitted. He then quickly left the island.

Long after I left the island to properly grow up, reports were/are that Country only served 7 years for his crimes. I’ve seen web forum/discussion comments voicing displeasure and even outrage that he got away with only 7 years. Maybe rightfully so. Maybe not. The story that had been the persistent and consistent one about this sad incident is that Country was the lesser culpable of the two accused. He was the “go along” guy who happened to be with Steven Clay, the evil one. And it was by design that Country took the fall and got convicted. Also by design was Clay’s acquittal. It’s been said that Clay was never seen again after leaving Guam. It’s been said that it’s because there was a hit on him and he got his justice in the eye for an eye way, courtesy of one of the victim’s fathers who was himself a Superior court judge during that time. And justice has in fact, been served appropriately.

40 years later, the someone I was in conversation with, in which this subject was brought up, acknowledges also having heard this “inside story”. And he is a generation older than me, in the same generation as the parents of the victims. Does that lend credence to the story? Hmm, don’t know. His circle of friends back then and to this day are what I call the more upper crust and not the gangstas I hung with who collectively had credibility issues.

But it does make sense. Always did to me….

updated 5/4/19
I found this online somewhere….

15 thoughts on “Darker youthful memories again

      1. I don’t know. Do you? My curiosity is the real story on why he didn’t do time and Country Reyes to 100% of the fall.

  1. I know exactly where he lives and all about his current life.
    He lives across the street from us.
    I would like to know why he was found not guilty and why his cousin took the fall for him. Seems like there was DNA material that was lost as well.
    If these procedings were in the US, the verdict would have been different.
    I don’t know how he left Guam…and do not know how he amassed his fortunes now.
    He also does not know that we know his background wrt the trial. Although he has shared some of his life in Guam while his father was in the military and spoke of his cousin when he died.

      1. Yes, I know the court was “basically” US judgement…but lawyers and testimony and evidence, I am guessing would have been handled differently.
        Knowing him today, I would question why he isn’t incarcertated.
        Such a huge tragedy and for what?
        If he were so “squeaky clean”…why did he flee? And was no one ever accused of rape as his cousin had indicated?
        I just thought folks might like to know that he is alive, well, and prospering?
        BTW…he still LOVES to “play” with guns.

      2. Yep I have all the same questions. I never heard confirmation from anyone that he was alive somewhere…. but yeah, how and why he got away with it…

      3. I had always thought there was an ulterior story on how and why he got off while Country got convicted. One of the victims was Guam’s superior court judge for god’s sakes. I don’t think much in that trial would have skipped hard scrutiny.

      1. If there are folks still in Guam who might be interested?
        Steve Clay (Gordon Steve Clay) has multiple homes…one in Knoxville, TN, another apartment in Knoxville, TN, and a 50 Acre estate in Hendersonville, NC.

        By being “not guilty”…does NOT mean he wasn’t involved. And although laws might be similar…there appeared to be many voids. I think if he had been tried in the US, a different outcome would have occured. Hair samples? Evidence gone missing? If there is still evidence on file, DNA can now be tested.

      2. Mentioned in an earlier reply… Guam IS THE US. I’m finding that offensive that you seem to insist otherwise.

  2. Well, now you know he is alive and well. He is married for a 2nd time. He has a daughter , SIL, and 2 grandchildren that live in town. And he is very wealthy. He owns (or is a principal) a textile company. His mother is still living in a neighboring state where he also owns several homes and an apartment.
    If there had been any evidence presevered/saved, DNA could be tested today. That’s what would have been done here. I’m surprised that nothing additional had been done. Although Double Jeopardy reigns, he could be brought up on other charges if there were any evidence available for more testing today. He hasn’t disappeared and is quite the braggard. He has “found G-d” and considers himself a righteous Christian.
    If I could get a photo of him, you would see it’s the same person as in the news photo…just 50years older. However, he has alluded any pics. If this changes, I’ll forward them to you.

    1. Dear Mak,
      As a family member of the Faria family, I appreciated finding your information. We were disadvantaged by not being allowed to hire our own attorneys; and were required, legally, to use the local DA of Guam, against the defendant’s two very shrewd attorneys.
      Thank you for your post. We appreciate it.

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