COVID symbol   As if we haven’t gone thru enough, lives shattered and lost, with COVID and then the follow-on Delta variant, now the OMICRON variant is rampant. More rampant than the Delta variant apparently. It’s even much more transmissible than its predecessors but less potentially fatal I guess is what they’re saying. Numbers of positive cases in Hawaii have soared/peaked into the high 1000s, like 1800 something a few days ago. That, with less hospitalizations and deaths given that people are vaccinated and boosted now.

My ponderance is, is this the new normal for our civilization? Will it ever go away to the extent that we go back to living our lives as before? Who TF knows. All we can do is live our lives with protection from it as an everyday thought and act.

Hello 2022 here we come, complete with 2020/2021 baggage….

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