COVID is real only if it’s personal

When this pandemic doesn’t knock at one’s door, the threat is typically and summarily dismissed as ‘someone else’s fear’ and paranoia. Sad that I have friends who think in this ‘not me’ bubble. Pray (you pray, I won’t for you if you’re in this category) that it never hits someone in your family who means something to you. I captured a little Facebook timeline post and comment back and forth to illustrate, if anything for my own reminder that friends are just that: friends. That doesn’t mean they aren’t stupid assholes. Friends can be assholes if you can tolerate it…


‘Coz it’s nice to work and live by percentages of deaths on an overall national scope. Who gives a flying fuck how low that death percentage is when your friends or family are within that percentage? Really? Makes me hope and pray those who think like that “acceptable death percentage” will have a loved one die from COVID.

People will ask, why, do I have or know of anyone personally who has died? Gee, what do you think? Are you that ignorant??

COVID symbol

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