Content Separation

It’s back to the physical and site address separation mentality.

I moved everything non-personal to me to keep it totally unrelated to the uninformed eye. This includes personal content.

Restless, need to keep tinkering, the Chinese aka Charlie Corn concept of always building seems to be the path. I dunno. But…

Looking at things like trying my hand at WordPress multisite. If not, implement multiple site user login sharing. The latter seems to have several different angles to accomplishing but different pieces to doing so. Seems complicated and better experimenting with test sites and not production. Hmmm… dunno.

Why? Because managing and administering distinctly different/separate installs of WP blogs takes a bit of effort, especially considering the low usership these days. Better to make it one or two multi-sites sharing user database and separate my interests by sub-site. Or separate by the different installs of WP sharing one user database table.

Plus, the current split and independent configuration of this site for normal, personal, family etc., stuff and the for adult and secret sharing really feels disconnected. While they have to be separated for public eyes, they feel like there should be a private/secret level seamlessness. Kinda like, hey, if I am blogging something about stuff in ordinary stuff and want to go straight into a restrictive/restricted topic about us, having to move the conversation and try to interlink/interrelate the two posts on two different blogs requiring separate logging in, just disconnects the thoughts and the fluidity of the mood. Yet, there HAS to be an amount of separation depending on the viewer group level.

It’s getting worse! Thoughts of redirection in what I want the layout/content to be before the last plan is even completed! But hey it’s just a f***ing hobby and not a business venture to disrupt anything of any consequence, so what the heck right? Right!

Hopefully I won’t change course midstream yet again once this is underway….

Reverse that thought yet again. I had a lot of the other stuff moved here, and shortcode to hide and separate. That’s all fine and well.

I installed a new instance of WordPress under this domain, linked to/from here to the other using WP Remote Sync (hopefully that plugin works as advertised). This setup should maintain separation. It’s my latest idea anyway…

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