Change is good they say

That statement was made, sort of tongue in cheek, by a few of the command staff at work years ago when we had a change in commanders (O-6 level), and the incoming COL had some really shakeup ideas for changes. Most of the long-timers were naturally resistant to change. But change is good they began to say to ease the mindset. Well, I’m restless again with the site, the blog, the layout. Not that there’s anything wrong with it per se. I just want something new to take on with it.

I was thinking, for a while, of going back to PHP-Fusion because I miss the true CMS layout and separation of sections and thus, mindset. A built-in forum. A photo gallery area. A files area. A weblinks area. An articles area. But a sucky blog area… and, PHP-F still has its issues with development longevity I think.

I thought about a discussion forum, having dabble with that format several times (Perl CGI script based Discusware forums, now long defunct). I ran the site on PHPBB for a short while before deciding it wasn’t flexible enough for all my intentions. But a forum does separate and ‘inventory’ posts, thoughts, etc., instead of this reverse chronological order blog posting and having to search for something I wrote or stored. But the shortcomings of a forum only format still is out there if I decided to convert again. Plus, moving all my stuff from one platform top another is always a chore.

I’m now thinking, maybe all this WP blog needs is a facelift of sorts. A new theme! And maybe dabble with new WP features like blocks and whatever else has evolved and been added on since I started WordPress that I resisted learning and opting for the familiar old tech stuff.

So there may be what looks like glitches and messy pages, etc.. I think I’ll be installing and live previewing some newer themes… Yeah, that’s it!

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