13 thoughts on “Chamorro mp3 List/Collection

    1. Got ’em thanks bro! Hmm if I must think about it and put on my wish list…. if there is a clean, clear Tropicsette album, that’s on my wish list. The one I have up is from older cassette which is evident in the hiss and cloudy sound.

    1. No, not nearly close to all. The music is in .mp3 audio format. To post on YT as video I need to convert to video .mp4 which is time consuming. So I have a few on YT, relatively speaking. Maybe more in the future.

      Tho… not sure what video format does for audio music since the visual would be a static picture.

    2. Can I buy some albums if you don’t do free download? I really, really want a few of my favorite Crutch productions for my own keepsakes.

      1. I’m not a retail seller or distributor. I only share for the listening pleasure of those interested and, if there are any retail outlets that do sell what you like, please do purchase from them. There are reasons for this, which I have already experienced issues with.

  1. Very nice and extensive collection produced on line I have to say. Better than any I seen so far even YouTube for what’s offered. If not THE most.

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