CUCM (ACUCW1) Training – again

Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace part 1. Training. Again. Version 11.5 this time. All week and started Monday. Definitely a basic, entry level course. I did the v10.5 in 2016, and this adds little to build upon that older one aside from clarifying knowledge already gained thru doing … Continue Reading “CUCM (ACUCW1) Training – again”

The Fucking games they play inside the beltway

I saw a meme yesterday regarding the federal furlough that went something like this:

We have to do our jobs and not get paid. Meanwhile, Congress continues to get paid and not do their jobs.

Can’t get any truer than that. Washington continues to play games with peoples lives (although I see few non-federal… Continue Reading “The Fucking games they play inside the beltway”