Another Activities Day with the Girls

We were supposed to go to the Zoo as today’s fun filled activity. As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw at least two long lines of people (haha mostly tourists) waiting to enter the zoo. Parking was jammed as people circled waiting to find an open slot. Heck no, sorry girls we ain’t standing around… Continue Reading “Another Activities Day with the Girls”

Beach and Dinner with the Girls

Spending time and doing outings with Elora and Aylah. I took leave to make some time. Today was an outing to Ala Moana Beach Park. We picked up Loco Moco lunch plates to take with us. Ehhh it was a very cloudy and drizzly rain day, but not that bad at the beach, mostly mauka side. But i was a bit windy so we didn’t… Continue Reading “Beach and Dinner with the Girls”

Painting and other “inspection” (Gutters)

Today was home fixer upper day. Lou has been wanting to paint the garage doors. I’ve been wanting to clear out the roof gutters where plants have sprouted because of the pigeons roosting on the gutters and dirt/crap settling. I pulled out the 22′ roof ladder to see if it will reach, and it does. So … Continue Reading “Painting and other “inspection” (Gutters)”