They brought back feel good memories

First was media posts yesterday of Helen Reddy passing. I scurried onto YouTube to find a few of her hit songs back in the day, because while I wasn’t a particular follower of her work, her work was a very memorable part of my early teen/post childhood times. And with my way of having memories tied to soundtracks,… Continue Reading “They brought back feel good memories”

Town House | Old Guam Throwback

Mar 12, 2015 6:00AM
I saw this in a social media chat group. I snagged it… whoever posted the pic, thanks, eh!

Town House (the original one on the corner of Marine Drive and route 8, not the Agana Shopping Center one) was one of the places I used to go to or walk thru on my way to Julale Shopping Center, Paseo (baseball… Continue Reading “Town House | Old Guam Throwback”

Taking me back to a safe place in my mind

I saw this shared on Facebook, and it stopped me in my tracks to sit and listen. And… not really reminisce per se but rather, let whatever memories attached to this song come flooding back. Preteen days, when life was all fun, carefree, safe. Where my biggest deadline was getting to baseball practice on… Continue Reading “Taking me back to a safe place in my mind”