Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama

Lou and I had an appointment in town to see a financial advisor. On the way back from town, as we were going westbound, on the other side eastbound lanes right by the Vineyard exit there was a line of about 13 police cars parked on the side of the highway, all with blue lights on. They had gotten out of their cars and … Continue Reading “Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama”

HPD Officer Tiffany Enriquez’s Final Roll Call

Officer Enriquez’s funeral and final roll call ceremony was today. I captured the videos from KHNL’s web site. Officer Kaulike Kalama’s funeral has not yet been announced by the family or HPD. I don’t know, this is just a gripping and sad, somber tragedy that grabs onto me. More so… Continue Reading “HPD Officer Tiffany Enriquez’s Final Roll Call”

I think this is one of our original Kunians Jim Sipp?

I look for old friends, acquaintances, and Army buddies/associates from time to time. Particularly of the original USACC/USAISC Det Comm crew since we were sort of all closely associated as we came to Hawaii as a team. One of them was Jimm Sipp, SP5. After he left Hawaii I never heard from him again, and neither… Continue Reading “I think this is one of our original Kunians Jim Sipp?”

Thoughts – an old friend Martin Mendiola

I searched several times over the years after hearing from someone that Mart passed away. I finally found something.

I think I can honestly say that Mart, of all my teenage friends, has held one of the more significant memories for me. We hung out like thick and thin for a while. I actually learned how to and then… Continue Reading “Thoughts – an old friend Martin Mendiola”