Rest in God’s Love Sr Lydia

Remembering Sr Lydia, 9th grade homeroom teacher at San Vicente Jr High. Stern but fair. Very caring. She left an impression on me, that year being the only year I went to private, Catholic, school. Before our wedding, Lou and I went to visit Sr Lydia and St. Francis school. Rest in peace Sister.

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Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama

Lou and I had an appointment in town to see a financial advisor. On the way back from town, as we were going westbound, on the other side eastbound lanes right by the Vineyard exit there was a line of about 13 police cars parked on the side of the highway, all with blue lights on. They had gotten out of their cars and … Continue Reading “Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama”