How Do You Do – Mouth & MacNeal

Going thru more “flashbacks of life” these days. They come randomly. This video came up on my FB feed unprompted, kinda throwing me into a reminiscent mood of my life. Wow. The young almost childhood memories of carefree, fun, and most of all healthy days with nothing but life to look forward to.

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Congrats Hawaii Little League Team!

I must say that mere congratulations is not enough. Not only did Hawaii win the Little League World Series, but they dominated their entire elimination bracket all the way to the final game.

They swept all 6 of their games. Of those 6 games:

4 mercy rule wins
3 shutouts

vs curacao mercy rule win 13-3
vs northwest mercy rule win 11-1
vs metro region mercy rule shutout 12-0
vs southeast mercy rule shutout 13-0
vs southwest shutout 6-0
vs southeast 5-1

How’s that!

Police Chase Caught On Camera

Someone sent this to me in email. Video is old but there’s conveyance of a message that is significant. I didn’t write the words, but I take stock in the sentiment. Not that I have interest in the argument of BLM or any of that mainland stuff, but the incidents that incite people apply to all scenarios involving all racial backgrounds, not just black/white (e.g.,…

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