Capital punishment anyone?

Call me heartless, but I just have a problem with feeling any kind of sympathy, any amount of humaneness, toward a convicted murderer whose execution didn’t go as well as could have been. Shit happens, so what!

So he gasped and snorted for almost two hours, evidently suffering “more than was necessary” is apparently the sentiment by some people. More than necessary? He murdered two people. He cannot possibly suffer enough for the heinous crime he committed. Ask the family and loved ones of his victims to define suffering more than necessary. Me, I would rather have convicted murders executed like this, if not with more pain and suffering as their last experience before the lights go out. They sure as hell didn’t give their victims half a thought about the agony inflicted upon them.

Get real America. Get your damned priorities straight. The state that still uses the death penalty uses it to get rid of garbage, of humans with no redeemable value. Oh, but it’s the human way to treat a human? I wonder if you’d be saying and feeling that if this guy had viciously murdered YOUR family member. That’s what some people need… to experience these things in their own, personal, inner circle, before they go out and take up a cause to which they really don’t know jack shit about.

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